Recognition of a GREAT Mom

I usually leave these posts to Sarah but she will never write about this (she is to modest) so I am going to share and embarrass her some.  :)

My lovely wife who puts ALL of her time into keeping Nora healthy and thriving and also finds the time to help others in need was nominated by our home health care company, Barnes, for the Lyn Howard Advocacy Award.

Here is the email they sent her….

“We received this email below and immediately thought of you.  We would like to nominate you for this award.  You have been so instrumental in sharing with us and helping us to better help our patients as well as being such an advocate to others through your blog and website information. Please click on the link below, and read more about it.  I won’t proceed without your approval, so please let me know what you think……

Lyn Howard Advocacy Award Nominations Being Accepted

It’s time to nominate a consumer, caregiver or a family member for The Lyn Howard Nutrition Support Consumer Advocacy Award. This award, named in honor of A.S.P.E.N. member and Oley Foundation co-founder, Lyn Howard, MB, FRCP, acknowledges one patient/family member/caregiver who has advocated for other patients, families or caregivers of consumers who require parenteral (PN) or enteral nutrition (EN). Advocacy efforts include such activities as lobbying for legislation to improve care or reimbursement, developing educational tools, fundraising for PN or EN research, starting or sustaining support groups, being a consumer advocate, or teaching others about PN or EN. Nominations are due by October 15, 2010. Visit the A.S.P.E.N. website for more information.”

In all honesty I think we both feel there are other people more deserving of the award, that do much more for the overall PN/EN community, but I think that the nomination in itself shows what a great job Sarah does as a mom and caregiver to Nora, as well as a shoulder of support and provider of information to others in need. She is a special woman and I am glad to see her recognized for her good heart.  Congratulations honey, you deserve it!

10 Responses to “Recognition of a GREAT Mom”

  1. Bobbie Jean Armstrong Says:

    I think it should be a dual award–Sarah and Montana! You both make a great team! So dedicated to each other and Nora! I admire you so much!

  2. jenny Says:

    Sarah is a wonderful, mother, wife, daughter, friend and sometimes a teacher. And Montana you are a great means of love and support for her and Nora. As Bobbie Jean said you guys are a great team.
    Sarah may not think she is as deserving as the next person on the list for this award but she most defiantly is. Now How Do I Vote!!!!???? :)


  3. christianna Says:

    How wonderful to be recognized for all that you do!

  4. Aunt Brenda Says:

    How wonderful that others besides your close famly and friends know how terrific you are and how much you have helped not only Nora, our family’s phenomenal short-gut kid, but the professionals and other families you’ve encountered along this path!

  5. Aunt Jenn Says:

    Congratulations Sarah Bug!!! What well-deserved recognition for all that you’ve done and all that you continue to do every day! It’s obvious to all that you are an amazingly strong, nurturing and compassionate person. Outside of knowing you as the best Mommy on the planet, I know Nora will grow to appreciate and respect you for the amazing advocate and supporter you are. You definitely get my vote, and that’s not just my big sister bias talking! :)
    Thank you, Montana, for sharing the news of Sarah’s nomination with everyone!
    Love to all 3 of you!

  6. Auntie Nancy & PopPop Jake Says:

    Sarah, You are beyond worthy and deserving of this and all other rewards that will come your way! We are so proud of your ‘can-do’ power which you and Montana have mastered together~Big Hugs!

  7. Amber Snyder Says:

    Hey Sarah!
    I just wanted to say a big thanks for posting Nora’s pics and updates! I took care of her in the NICU and moved to Louisiana three years ago! I love looking on the blog to see her progress!! Thanks!

  8. Shane Wilson Says:

    We live in Bradeton,Fl just south of Tampa. We are trying to find a hospital that will treat our daughter with omegaven to ovoid moving to Texas or Bostson. If you know of a place we would be very greatful. Thank you, Shane and Family

  9. Bethany Says:

    Hi I have been reading all about your little miracle. My nephew recently had to have all but 26 cm of his small intestine removed a week after he was born, the doctors told my brother that they try to keep them thriving til they get old enough to have a liver and intestine transplant, they do not give him omegaven. They just made it sound like there wasnt any hope, saying that some babies make it to the right age for a transplant and some dont and that even if they get the transplant its not likely they will see him reach adulthood.

  10. Mom Says:

    You and Montana have helped more people than you will ever know. You deserve every accolade, award and recognition out there!!

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