Grandaddy’s Sauerkraut

For Thanksgiving Nora’s grandparents from Kentucky came down to visit, which always makes for a very special holiday. My Dad has gotten into making his own sauerkraut recently and brought a jar down for Nora to try after learning about the digestive benefits of it. This was a new discovery for all of us and we were really excited to learn about it. But only sauerkraut made the traditional way has good digestive bacteria, most of the store bought is made with vinegar and does not posses the healthy benefits.

Grandaddy gave us a lesson on how to make traditional sauerkraut and of course Nora was eager to help. :)

We weren’t sure if Nora would like the strong taste of sauerkraut but she loves her “Grandaddy’s sauerkraut” as she calls it. She has wanted to eat some almost everyday since Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s the magic touch her intestines needed to get back on track. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, thankfully Nora’s pain and bloody stools have been more improved in the last few weeks than they have been since all of this started months ago.

Nora enjoying some of her Grandaddy’s kraut and beans with a big smile of enjoyment! (of course her favorite buddy Jingle Bear needed a plate too)

We think her feeling better is a culmination of the changes we have made to her diet, giving her magnesium on a daily basis, and taking her to acupuncture for specific motility treatments. We also took her to cranial sacral therapy, which a lot of people think is related to head issues (as it can be) but in simple terms it’s kind of like gentle massage for the organs to get their energy flowing properly.

We think cranial sacral work will be very beneficial to her  in the long run but she hasn’t warmed up to it just yet. Since Nora had to go through so many physically invasive procedures in the last few months, she has become overwhelmingly sensitive to anyone doing anything to her resembling a medical procedure.  But the therapist was very helpful and showed us some exercises we can do with Nora at home to help open up her system.

We had such a great time visiting with my parents. Even though Nora doesn’t get to see them very often she knows how very special they are and loves them very much.

Nora enjoyed showing them all around town and felt like big stuff taking Nanny and Grandaddy out to lunch while they were here.

and when it came time for Thanksgiving dinner do you think she was ready to eat??

She sat herself at the table a good 5 minutes before everything was ready and had to do a little early taste testing. :)

2 Responses to “Grandaddy’s Sauerkraut”

  1. Ian Says:

    Good to hear she’s feeling better. She just gets cuter and cuter!

    I hope your whole family has a great 2011. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Catina Bergman Says:

    Hi my name is Catina Bergman and I have a daughter who is nine years old. She was a twin born at 34 weeks. Just two days old she under surgery to remove a malrotation and volvulus. The surgeron told us that they removed 60% of her small intestines. She wa on tpn for 5 weeks then they took her off. Sent us home only being off for 2 days. we were back in the hospital three weeks later be cause of dyhra. The surgeron came in the room and talked a little bit. He asked how much formaul she takes a day? I sai I breastfeed her. He said that is the problem. I said your nurse said to breastfeed that was the best thing. So for two weeks after that she was on prejestamel (msp). Back in the hospital at nine weeks with vomiting. They it is her formula. so on to another formula. The nurse brings in the two containers and said here. I assumed tat the direction would be on the bottle? Noooo, called back to the floor we were on and talked to the Dr. he could not tell me how to mix the formula. I said forget it and started breast feeding. She had three to six bowel movements a day. Always were a large amount and we used onies has disoable pj. off and on her whole life no real answers why she was in and out of the hospital. My last straw was in Oct. when we saw 10 Dr.s and not one of then could tell us what is going on. On the upper GIs they would wait to long to see the dye go into the large bowel, so they missed the norrowing. When we left the hospital this last time, I called UAB and got an appt with Dr.Dimmit and his team. (she is 9 and weights at best 50#, very skinning and always pale)They did a upper GI and found the norrowing. The Dr said they were going to do the STEP. Waiting for they surgeon to look at the film. He will return on Mon. So with all that said Do you have any suggtions? Did your baby have to have the STEP done? Do you know of any child that had that done? Thanks for your time.

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