Christmas, Snow and Ice Skating!

There is so much to catch up on from last month. I keep telling myself I’m not going to let the blog go so long without updating but that hasn’t happened yet. I don’t really make resolutions but I’m going to try to make this one for 2011.

It seemed that Christmas came and went faster than usual last year. But to a 3 year old I’m sure every day seemed like an eternity waiting to see what Santa would bring. All month of December Nora would ask every few days if it was Christmas yet. But she had lots of fun while the time passed, adding new, out of the ordinary ornaments to the tree on a daily basis. By the time Christmas was over she had anything you could think of hanging off the tree, toys, baby shoes and even her big girl undies from Santa donned the tree on Christmas day…silly girl. :)

A happy girl on Christmas morning

Ready for Christmas lunch and still smiling……

Christmas is awesome!

We got an unexpected surprise the day after Christmas – snow flurries in Florida! It wasn’t even enough to stick to the ground or even to see unless you were looking hard but it was snow……. in FL! This was Nora’s first time seeing snow so that made it even more exciting. Since there wasn’t enough to build a real snowman we had to improvise with our lighted snowman and Nora still had a blast “building” him.

Nora got to experience another winter first a few days later when we took her ice skating. Even though it’s been extremely cold down here but not quite enough to actually freeze a lake. They had a synthetic ice skating rink set up downtown which was the real deal to Nora and she had a great time.

(a little side note…… I just wanted to point out something that initially may seem very insignificant – the little red wristband on Nora’s wrist that she was given to wear when we bought her ice skating ticket. When I went to put the wristband on Nora I noticed she began to look a little nervous, then I realized that until that day, the only wristbands that Nora had ever worn is when she’s admitted for a hospital stay or procedure. We immediately assured her that the band was for ice skating and then she was ok and ready to go.  I’ll be keeping that first little happy red wristband in my Nora keepsakes to remind me of this very happy first.) :)

Nora thought the huge ornaments they had downtown were pretty cool and they put her in a very silly photo shoot mood.

I finally updated Nora’s YouTube site if you want to see the silly girl in action. :)

These wishes come a little late, but we hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas and wishing you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year!! Love, Nora, Montana and Sarah

2 Responses to “Christmas, Snow and Ice Skating!”

  1. Yuko, Randy, Max, and Kai Says:

    Great photos, and the wristband story makes me weepy. Belated happy holidays to you too!

  2. Ian Says:

    Great stories, great pictures. We look forward to seeing her again as soon as we can.

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