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Twinkle Toes Nora

February 10th, 2011

Nora started “Twinkle Toes” ballet class a few weeks ago. This is super exciting news because firstly she’s always been a little ballerina at heart and secondly this is her very first class of any kind. Since she had never been in a structured class environment before she was a little overwhelmed at first, being distracted by watching the other little girls instead of following the teacher. But now she’s got the hang of it and has been having lots of fun in her class. :)

With the thoughts in mind of Nora’s germ exposure going to ballet class, we decided to follow the idea of other short bowel parents who have written brief letters to the other parents in the class explaining our situation and asking them to let us know if their child has been sick recently. Nora seems to have a strong, well established  immune system but with flu season upon us we decided it was best to play it safe.

Writing a letter like this is was a bit of an awkward thing for us and apparently when I handed them out to the parents at Nora’s first class my awkwardness overcame my social skills. I didn’t give any explanation while passing out our letter, or really say anything more than “can I give this to you?”. I was feeling a bit like I was handing out a sales flyer from the looks I was getting but I was hoping my weirdness was mostly in my head. Apparently not, after class Montana assured me I came across like a total weirdo and looked like I was soliciting for Amway! Oh well, we had a good laugh about it and at least the deed is done.

After hunting around online for ballet gear for toddlers at sites like and Amazon we opted to shop locally and I am glad we did. Even though this picture is a little blurry I just had to share Nora’s super excited expression when we went to the ballet store to get her slippers and outfit.

Twinkle, twinkle! :)


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