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Interesting Article

April 21st, 2011

My mom sent this article to me and I found it so interesting and exciting that I wanted to share. Even though the research is just in the beginning stages, down the road this could play a big part in helping with SBS treatment and diet. With so many complexities to SBS and other GI problems, the more intestinal knowledge we have the better chance for success.


Time flies when you’re having fun

April 15th, 2011

It’s hard to believe that Nora will be four years old in less than 2 weeks! I also can’t believe it’s been so long since the last blog post , it seems like these last 2 months have flown by faster than usual. There has been lots going on in the Thomas household and I happily report that it’s mostly been good. Besides Nora having a nasty double ear infection at the end of February with horrible GI side effects from the antibiotics there has been a lot fun and exciting moments.

We had some very special visitors last month, Nora’s Nanny and Grandaddy came down from Kentucky to build us a greatly needed laundry room (Thank You!!). Nora got in lots of good time with her grandparents and the visit was wonderful. Nora even helped out with the construction. :)

And of course while they were here Nora provided plenty of good entertainment of dressing up, dancing and strutting her silly self for them.

Nanny and Grandaddy even got to catch a Twinkle Toes class while they were here.

I love these big post-show smiles. :)

Nora took Nanny and Grandaddy out for a night of yummy seafood. Nora thoroughly enjoyed her red snapper and said she loved “eating at fancy restaurants”. Nora’s been eating out at restaurants more often these days, not too often but compared to never it seems like a lot. Even though her restricted diet and food allergies poses a challenge, as long as I bring her snacks and scope out the menu beforehand we’ve had pretty good success and she really enjoys the experience. When we’ve had instances where everyone else is eating something she can’t I think it’s been harder on me than her but I’m trying to learn to let worry go when she’s never known any different anyways.

After the big construction project we snuck in a quick run to the beach for the first time this year while Nora’s buddies Maya and Rachel were there on their spring break. Nora was so excited to head down to the beach she had her bathing suit on before sunrise and patiently waited for her buddies to wake up before busting into their room.

Lets go! :)

Last summer Nora wanted nothing to do with swimming in a pool or the ocean because she said it was “too big”. She still wasn’t interested in getting in the ocean but she was all about testing out the water in the pool at the beach. Now since she’s realized there’s nothing to be scared of she’s been a little sprinkler and kiddie pool addict and has been playing in it just about every afternoon that she doesn’t have her port needle in.

Watch out summer, here comes Nora! :)


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